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Old shoes and new ones. Since wearing this. Really love. Super cost-effective, the key is really easy to wear. Old people and children. I bought it with my husband. This price is extremely comfortable. And it can be washed directly in the washing machine. Easy. It's recommended by friends to buy it. It's really comfortable to wear it and doesn't jam your feet. It's a necessary choice for walking. Now it's a little frozen. It's just right to wear it in spring and summer. It's good. The quality is assured and it's comfortable to wear. The key is that there are great discounts for activities. I bought several pairs of shoes and walked more. The sole is really comfortable and the version doesn't squeeze your feet. It's really comfortable to buy the most cost-effective shoes while taking advantage of activities, which is more comfortable than those shoes with hundreds of yuan. The only disadvantage is that the style update is too slow, the color is a little less, it is still out of stock, the workmanship is fine, the quality is very good, and the big brand is trustworthy, satisfied and comfortable

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