Kedi silicone mask support 3D three-dimensional anti muggy artifact breathable makeup protection child inner support support

Color, size, 3 sets of transparent color, 5 sets of transparent color, 10 sets of transparent color, 5 sets of children's white, 10 sets of children's white, 3 sets of white, 5 sets of white, 10 sets of white, 3 sets of black, 5 sets of black, 10 sets of black, 3 sets of blue, 5 sets of blue, 10 sets of blue, 3 sets of green, 5 sets of green, 10 sets of green, 3 sets of pink, 5 sets of pink, 10 sets of pink, 3 sets of rose, 5 sets of rose, 10 sets of rose, A large number of random colors,,,

I think the bedding is actually a reverse, actually it is this color, not obvious lines and white color. It is really impossible to make complaints about it. After taking it back, there is no first time to see it. The big brand can not buy low-end things, it is beautiful in color and is very good with my room and bed. The wool quilt can be put into the dryer. It's very comfortable after drying. The silk quilt is thin. It doesn't feel on the cover, but it's very warm. It's very comfortable to sleep with the air conditioner on? Awesome, decisive, and after using it, it feels good, it's genuine, and the delivery is very powerful. Is it worthy of the name? Express delivery is very fast and the quality is excellent. It is recommended to buy fast logistics, good service and comfortable fabrics. fabulous. It was directly paved. I was in a hurry. I didn't wait for the double 11. The price of 200 yuan was OK. This brand has been used all the time. It doesn't feel like pure cotton. I directly paved it and evaluated the quality of fuanna's home textile after washing. I can trust it. I bought fuanna's bedding for many times. The fabric feels fine and smooth, the effect is satisfactory after use, and the logistics is super fast. It's a brand worthy of recommendation!

L'OREAL Concealer (LOREAL), with 320 colors, matte concealer, light weight, and 14g, matte, concealer, oil control and makeup, is suitable for warm white skin for birthday gift.

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