Arctic velvet Ski Gloves Winter men's and women's outdoor riding Plush thickened warm non slip waterproof zipper pocket touch screen gloves

Color, size, pink ink reflecting snow, pink makeup, jade masonry, ink painting, stars change, colorful, m, l, XL,,

The first time to buy mercury home textiles, all kinds of general! I thought it was ok, but I didn't expect the product packaging with round edges: it's not bad, but the pad is a little thin. Fabric material: neither frosted nor pure cotton color pattern: the color pattern is good, touch and feel: general product packaging: beautifully frosted, very comfortable. The feeling of being close to the body is very good, but the quilt cover is a little bigger. The color pattern: pink, a very soft color, looks very comfortable. The pattern is elegant and fresh. Touch feeling: it is frosted and feels very soft. The feeling of being close to the body is very comfortable, but the quilt cover is a little bigger. Maybe the quilt at home is not suitable. It is quite excellent in other aspects. Fabric material: pure cotton color pattern: pink, flower touch feel: it's OK to touch. Only the sheets are used. The quilt cover is spread. If it's big, you can't buy another quilt. Product packaging: OK, very good, well sealed. Other features: delivery is also very fast, not ordinary express

Kedi silicone mask support 3D three-dimensional anti muggy artifact breathable makeup protection child inner support support

‼ [new product] wear mask in winter to prevent stuffy, inner support artifact, breathable makeup 3D three-dimensional support, mouth and nose separation support frame to prevent strangulation